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   Neuro-Integration is the result of a compilation of studies and practices on

   how the nervous system communicates with the body and the brain.

   It is a simple system, based primarily on Applied Kinesiology, which

   observes  the firing patterns of the brain. Neuro-Integration uses

   designated hand patterns together with motor responses of

   the muscles to bring correction to nerve transmissions from the brain

   to the body and vice-versa, for ultimate healing potential.


The brain contains billions of neural pathways which, over the course of our lives, are affected by stress, trauma, habitual beliefs and practices, nutrition, drugs and medications, and the various aspects of physical wellness and illness. Recent research in the relatively new field of neuroplasticity demonstrates that the brain changes and recovers in response to various stimuli, even in late life. The body in its infinite wisdom knows the correct blueprint for health and healing; Neuro-Integration helps restore this inborn function, allowing the brain to change the pathways, change the mind, and change our lives. Neuro-Integration rejuvenates the nervous system in as little as six minutes. Clients tend to notice results almost immediately, and results continue to accumulate over time.


LuAnn is a Certified Level III practitioner of Neuro-Integration.


Read more at, website of Neuro-Integration creator and trainer Anae Campbell.


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“Neuroplasticity, Psychosocial Genomics, and the Biopsychosocial Paradigm in the 21st Century” -- a 2009 survey of major research findings in neuroplasticity and neurogenesis

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