Seeds of Life
Seeds of Life

   Mandala Art Therapy was originally practiced by Carl Jung, one of the

   founders of Western psychology.  Jung discovered that his clients tended

   to draw figures in a circle, and that these archetypal figures were

   consistently repeated by other clients and coincided with certain states of

   mind or stages of the life journey.  In the 1960, Joan Kellog began a

   thirty year study and expansion of Jung’s work, ultimately developing

   “The Great Wheel of the Mandala,” which depicts twelve stages of

   the life journey and the symbols that denote each.  Any crisis, stage or

   process, such as getting a divorce, having a baby, navigating workplace

   issue, etc, has it’s own cycle that can be depicted on the Great Wheel.


Ultimately, Jung’s and Kellog’s work was incorporated into the Mandala Assessment and Research Instrument, a technique for assessing one’s current situation with a life stage or problem.  The MARI is administered only by certified practitioners and provides a wealth of information about one’s inner resources and shaping experiences.  The client gains key insights from a broad range of material displayed on the Great Wheel.  Unlike traditional psychological tests, the MARI does not label or diagnose.  Rather, it upstages the individual’s innate gifts and potential for healing and self-transcendence.  The MARI process opens a unique window through which the unconscious and the higher self can speak clearly.

A Certified Level II MARI Practitioner, LuAnn offers this technique to clients in traditional therapy as well as to those seeking insight into obscure and persistent obstacles or pursuing the path of self-exploration.  Rich in profound insights, the MARI is playful, fun and filled with aha moments!


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