Seeds of Life
Seeds of Life

   Confidentiality is a cornerstone

 of the therapeutic alliance between client and practitioner,

and is enforced by the Social Work Code of Ethics

and the standards of clinical practice.  Consultation with other

professionals is strictly with client’s knowledge

and written permission.  Therapists are legally mandated

to make an exception to this rule if the client has expressed

an intent to harm self or another,

or if a minor is being abused.



photo:  "Easter Sunrise from High Peak Mountain"

by LuAnn Keener0Mikenas



LuAnn Keener-Mikenas, LCSW


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What you seek is seeking you.






The darkness lifts, imagine, in your lifetime.

...the key is turned.  Extend yourself--

...the sun is shining,

everywhere you turn is luck.


                                                    --Louise Gluck







To Access Emergency Mental Health in Lynchburg: 


   Lynchburg General Hospital,



   Horizon Behavioral Health:




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